Temple of the Living Force Online Academy


       Jedi Certification Courses

The Jedi Temple of the Living Force offers a complete training course for 4 Jedi ranks, Learner, Padawan, Knight, and Master. The course  and all questions, tests and exams are based on the Jedi Path. The Temple has tried to tailor the courses so that they are as close to Old Republic Jedi training as possible.

We have adopted a post "Order 66" Jedi Temple, meaning that because of the limitations of not having a physical Temple where we can study and be tutored,  there have been a few modifications made to traditional training.

Lightsaber Training and Exams

Not everyone is at peak physical condition, and some people require special modifications to their individual training and exam requirements. Those needs will be addressed by the Council on an case by case basis.

You do not need a Lightsaber to start training, but you will need to acquire something that resembles a lightsaber for practice. As a Padawan you will learn how to construct your own saber which will become your personal lightsaber.



Read The Jedi Path.
(You may purchase it at a local bookstore or online)



 Join or create a clan.

You will learn about what a Jedi Clan is starting on page 18 of the Jedi Path. You will learn more about this in the Course.

Obtain The Basic Jedi Wear.

You will be given the resources to either purchase or create your own Jedi Wear which will help you get involved with the Trooping groups such as the 501st or the Rebel Legion.  

Construct your Own Holocron (optional)

You will start learning how to build or construct a saber of Light. 

Start Construction On Your Saber

Pass Initiate Trials



Select your field of study

Whether its a Consular, Guardian, Fighter Pilot or a position in Agriculture. You will choose your first steps in the path of a Jedi.

Become an apprentice to a Knight

This is where you will start your study under your Jedi Master. ( For Families the parents or guardians of children of the household will be given the position of Master Jedi and the children will become apprentice)

Build your Saber

The final construction of you saber will be complete by adding the final parts     ( The Sound Components) 

Add field equipment to your costume 

In order for a costume to be considered "Cannon" there are specific requirements that must be met in order to get a costume approved by the larger Trooping Groups

Learn a Saber Technique

The Saber is the weapon of the Jedi. There are 7 forms or styles of the saber combat. You must learn at least 1 form and be proficient at it. You will be able to upload your saber training and progress videos to your profile page.

Pass Padawan Trials

The trails are the last step to becoming a Jedi Knight.




Choose your specialty

This is where you will enter your chosen path.

As a Guardian you will move into Saber Combat training to start you journey on Saber Competition Circuit testing your skills against some of the best saber duelist in the world.                                             May the Force be with you along this path.

As a Consular you will challenge yourself with the saber discipline of Saber Choreography where the beauty of the saber is brought out through the many hours of training and practice to develope movie styled action and compete with other around the Nation and Globe.

Upgrade Saber (optional)

This is where you would personalize your Saber and post your final photos of it on your Profile page.

The Knighting Ceremony

Your Knighting Ceremony will be a live broadcast and will be posted to your profile page. Which will be hosted by members of the High Counsil.

You will be mail your paper certificate of Jedi Knight from accredited Monastery. 

May the Force be with you