Welcome to the Temple of the Living Force

The Temple of the Living Force is self sustaining organization. 

We do charitable work on many fronts and support many organizations to help bring comfort and support to those in need, member involvement is a major part of the Jedi Way here at the Temple. One of the Temples goals is to instill the confidence and instruction on how the individual can successfully effect change in their local community. As well as get involved with other organizations within the Cosplay community.

To Sign Up go to the "Member Sign Up" page on the navigation panel.


Jedi Training Courses

The Temple offers Jedi training courses that are based on the book "The Jedi Path". We recommend that you read it from cover to cover because the test questions and exams are taken from every paragraph. We offer a focused Saber training program with practices, tests, and exams that are captured by the students camera and uploaded to their Youtube channel for grading and suggestions. The training videos are from several of the top Saber experts in the community and should be studied and practiced extensively.

At the end of the Padawan Course the student will have learned how to construct his or her own Lightsaber as construction of your own saber is a must to move on to Jedi Knight.

Once the student has passed the Trials, a Knighting Ceremony will be held via Skype between the Temple and the student. This Ceremony will adhere to the Old way as closely as possible. If a student is unable to use Skype for any reason then the Temple will make a Ceremony Packet available for the Ceremony to be performed at the location of their choice.


Site Membership Program

The Temple offers a variety of features for members.

Members will enjoy the Onsite Social Media Platform. Set up like many of your favorite SM outlets.

A profile that can be customized, share video and pictures as well as your favorite links.

The Temple enforces a strict code of conduct on the forums and Social Media Platform so you may enjoy the freedom from unwanted advertising, spam, crude behavior.

We wish to provide a safe social environment for our members and their families.

Your profile will proudly reflect your rank and placement in the Temple as you progress through the course. You may download and print any portion of a completed course. Holocron Kits are made available to download your completed module and certificates

As your build your Saber you will be able to show off your custom saber to Temple members by posting pictures and videos of your work.

May the Force be with you