Welcome to the Temple of the Living Force

The Temple of the Living Force is self sustaining organization. 

We do charitable work on many fronts and support many organizations to help bring comfort and support to those in need, member involvement is a major part of the Jedi Way here at the Temple. One of the Temples goals is to instill the confidence and instruction on how the individual can successfully effect change in their local community as well as become prepared to become effectively involved with other organizations within the Cosplay community.

To Sign Up go to the "Member Sign Up" page on the Nav Panel.



As you progress your level status will rise and you will be given access to your next levels and Courses as you complete each step of the Certification Courses. Your exams will be graded and you are required to have at least a 70 on each test. If your are unable to pass an exam you will be given the chance to take up till you can pass.


Note: It is highly recommended that you set up your member profile page, this gets you connected to all the Jedi at the Temple. This is where you will upload your saber skills demonstration videos and Saber Exams.                                                                       This is also where you will Log In to the site.


To begin, first acquire your Level 1 Membership that gives you access to the site and the Initiate Course. Once each course has been completed you will be automatically upgraded to the next Membership Level and the next course. Have fun and may the Force be with you.

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